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Jesus ISP
Welcome fellow christian to JesusISP. I’m Web Cardinal Chad TongueScraper. What is JesusISP? Well, we are your friendly and reliable Internet Service Provider, available in your area now. But we are so much more. We actively search the web and block out sites that may offend or question your Christian beliefs. more...

Hi, I’m Desmond Bibble. Did you know that over 70% of all amphibian life in the mid-west ecosystem has vanished? Also, algae and other oxygen depriving life are now found to be smothering a vast number of lakes and swamps. Unfortunately there is no reversing these effects while the general population continue to exploit the environment and use it as our own personal playground. Jet skis, speed boats and lake shore housing all contribute refuse and chemical waste, ultimately destroying the habitats of frogs, turtles, fish and birds. more...

Mutant Bear in Michigan
Having read the article, “Bear attacks hunting guide near Lewiston” dated 9/25/97, I felt compelled to write. Firstly, let me convey my deepest sympathy to the hunting guide who was injured when he happened across a bear who had the audacity to defend itself. more...

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